Price Table


  1. Chicken & Egg Soup
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.580   L-Rs.800

  2. Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.580   L-Rs.800

  3. Cream of Chicken Soup
    R-Rs.330   M-Rs.590   L-Rs.820

  4. Seafood & Egg Soup
    R-Rs.330   M-Rs.590   L-Rs.880

  5. Chicken & Mushroom Soup
    R-Rs.330  M-Rs.590   L-Rs.860

  6. Cream of Vegetable Soup
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.500   L-Rs.760

  7. Tomyam Soup (Spicy Thai Seafood soup with Lemongrass & Lime)
    R-Rs.400   M-Rs.700   L-Rs.850

  8. Chinese Noodles Soup(Vege)
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.500    L-Rs.760


  1. Sweet & Sour Fish
    M-Rs.1150   L-Rs.1590

  2. Crumb Fries Fish with sauce
    M-Rs.1150   L-Rs.1590

  3. Steamed Fried Fish
    S-Rs.700   R-Rs.900   M-Rs.1000   L-Rs.1200 , Rs.1300 , Rs.1500, Rs.1700, Rs.1800, Rs.1800

  4. Fish Stew
    M-Rs.1190  L-Rs1650

  5. Devilled Fish
    M-Rs.1090 L-Rs.1530

  6. Hot Garlic Fish
    M-Rs.1150  L-Rs.1590

Cuttle Fish

  1. Cuttle Fish (Hot Butter)
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1690

  2. Cuttle Fish Hot Garlic  Sauce
    M-Rs.1190  L-Rs.1690

  3. Devilled Cuttle Fish
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1690

  4. Cuttle Fish Fry with Kankun
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1690


  1. Sweet & Sour Prawns
    M-Rs.1290   L-Rs.1880

  2. Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce
    M-Rs.1260  L-Rs.1860

  3. Devilled Prawns
    M-Rs.1260   L-Rs.1860

  4. Batter Fried Prawns
    M-Rs.1290 L-Rs.1880

Choice of Bites

  1. French Fries
    R-Rs.380   M-Rs.600   L-Rs.800

  2. Fried Fish
    S-Rs.100/150/200/250/300    R-Rs.350   M-Rs.400   L-Rs.600

  3. Tandori Chicken/BBQ Chicken
    S-Rs.150/200    R-Rs.250   M-Rs.300   L-Rs.350

  4. Steam Fish with Garlic Sauce
    S-Rs.200/250/300/350   R-Rs.400   M-Rs.450   L-Rs.500

Grill Dishes

  1. Mixed Grill(Chicken,Fish,Cuttle-fish,Prawns served with Salad & Chips)
    M-Rs.2990  L-Rs.3990

  2. Seafood Grill(Fish,Cuttle-fish,Prawns served with Salad & Chips)
    M-Rs.2990   L-Rs.3990

  3. Chicken Grill served with Salad & Chips
    M-Rs.2690   L-Rs.3590


  1. Sweet & Sour Chicken
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1680

  2. Chicken in the Basket (boneless, French Fried & Salad with Garlic
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1680

  3. Crispy Chicken(Full Chicken)
    M-Rs.1150   L-Rs.2250

  4. Chicken Hot Butter
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1680

  5. Chicken with Kankun
    M-Rs.1170   L-Rs.1660

  6. Devilled Chicken
    M-Rs.1180   L-Rs.1640

  7. Lemon Chicken
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1680

  8. Chicken Chopsuey
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1690

  9. Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce
    M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1690

  10. Chicken Stew
    M-Rs.1240   L-Rs.1760


  1. Vegetable Chopsuey
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.580   L-Rs790

  2. Devilled Mushroom
    M-Rs.730   L-Rs.900

  3. Kankun with Garlic
    M-Rs.340   L-Rs.490

  4. Boiled Garden Vegetables
    M-Rs.560   L-Rs.760

  5. Sweet & Sour Vegetables
    M-Rs.590   L-Rs.850

  6. Hot Butter Mushroom
    R-Rs.290   M-Rs.600   L-Rs.860

  7. Devilled Soya
    R-Rs.300   M-Rs.550   L-Rs.740


  1. Mixed Vegetable Salad
    M-Rs.580   L-Rs.790

  2. Melani Special Salad
    M-Rs.580   L-Rs.790

  3. Cole Slaw(Carrot & Cabbage Salad)
    M-Rs.560   L-Rs.760

  4. Pineapple & Cucumber Salad
    M-Rs.560   L-Rs.730

Kottu Dishes

  1. Chicken Kottu/Fish Kottu
    R-Rs.740   M-Rs.1480   L-Rs.2180

  2. Cheese Kottu
    R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1660   L-Rs.2480

  3. Cheese Kottu with Seafood or Chicken
    R-Rs.940   M-Rs.1860   L-Rs.2780

  4. Mixed Cheese Kottu
    R-Rs.990  M-Rs.1990   L-Rs.2980

  5. Seafood  Kottu
    R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1590  L-Rs.2490

  6. Mixed Kottu
    R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1590   L-Rs.2490

  7. Vegetable Kottu
    R-Rs.640   M-Rs.990   L-Rs.1590

  8. Egg Kottu
    R-Rs.640   M-Rs.990   L-Rs.1590


  1. Garlic Rice
    R-Rs.560   M-Rs.860   L-Rs.980

  2. Melani Special Fried Rice
    R-Rs.890   M-Rs.1790   L-Rs.2690

  3. Mixed Fried Rice
    R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1650   L-Rs.2480

  4. Vegetable Fried Rice
    R-Rs.590   M-Rs.790   L-Rs.990

  5. Egg & Vegetable Fried Rice
    R-Rs.420  M-Rs.720   L-Rs.990

  6. Seafood Fried Rice
    R-Rs.840  M-Rs.1650   L-Rs.2490

  7. Vegetable Chop-Suey Fried Rice
    R-Rs.790   M-Rs.1580   L-Rs.2300

  8. Mixed Chop-Suey Fried Rice
    R-Rs.940   M-Rs.1980   L-Rs.2960

  9. Chicken & Egg Fried Rice
    R-Rs.590   M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1750

  10. Nasigoureng Rice  R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1650   L-Rs.2480

  11. Mongolian Rice  R-Rs.960   M-Rs.1800   L-Rs.2800

  12. Vegetable Biriyani  R-Rs.680   M-Rs.880   L-Rs.990


  1. Singapore Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.960  M-Rs.1800   L-Rs.2800

  2. Mixed Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.840   M-Rs.1650   L-Rs.2480

  3. Melani Special Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.890   M-Rs.1790   L-Rs.2690

  4. Vegetable Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.590   M-Rs.790   L-Rs.990

  5. Egg & Vegetable Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.420   M-Rs.720   L-Rs.990

  6. Sea-Food Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.840  M-Rs.1650 L-Rs.2480

  7. Chicken & Egg Noodles
    R-Rs.590   M-Rs.1190   L-Rs.1750

  8. Mixed Chop-Suey Fried Noodles
    R-Rs.940   M-Rs.1980   L-Rs.2960


  1. Cream Caramal

  2. Watalappan

  3. Chocolate/Strawberry Mousse

  4. Jelly Crystal

  5. Cheese Cake/Fudgie Brownies

  6. Biscuit Pudding


  1. Fresh Lime

  2. Fresh Fruit Juice

  3. Iced Coffee/Faluda

Soft Drinks

  1. Coca-Cola Brand(Coke/Fanta/Sprite)  Rs.60/80/120  Rs.200  Rs.280  Rs.350

  2. Elephant Brand (Orange Crush/Necto/Lemonade…) Rs.60/80/120  Rs.200  Rs.280  Rs.350

  3. Soda   Rs.70  Rs.130 Rs.170

  4. Ginger Beer  Rs.60  Rs.80  Rs.120  Rs.200  Rs.280

  5. Pepsi Brand  Rs.60  Rs.80 Rs.120  Rs.200 Rs.280

  6. Bottled Drinking Water  Rs.70  Rs.110 Rs.140